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About us

The For Less Guides originated in 1994 as a physical travel guide booklet produced to help travelling tourists find their way around the world's top city destinations. The birth of the for less app allows tourists access to hundreds of discounts at attractions and restaurants. Furthermore, all the user has to do is show the app when they pay with no pre-pay.

Specifically designed for tourists as an easy-to-use, downloadable and offline way to explore major international cities without incurring any data-roaming charges; the app is tailored towards making travel planning exciting and more manageable.

Our apps supply a fully searchable street map, an official and interactive map of any underground rail services and a Travel Guide to top tourist attractions in the area; all of these without interruption from those annoying app adverts. It also includes simple access to hundreds of discounts for some of the most popular places in your city of choice.

Translated into 5 languages, the international for less app gives users the opportunity to get discounts at a huge variety of attractions, restaurants, leisure activities, hotels, entertainment venues and shopping outlets in America and Europe.